Grace Works

Serving inner-city children since 2013,  GraceWorks is a ministry of Grace Episcopal Church, Woodlawn;  a fully inclusive, broadly diverse parish in the Anglo-Catholic Tradition.

Summer 2018 Program Announcement

GraceWorks is holding its summer program, June 4 through July 20, 2018 (Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 3pm), and we’re excited about continuing the outreach to youth, ages 10-14, in the heart of Woodlawn.

Please share these posters, and invite youth (and volunteers!) to apply.

Our Mission & Values

The mission of GraceWorks is to provide a safe haven and educational experiences for young people during the summer.  The ministry strives to equip participants with visions of a future past the present moment and beyond neighborhoods plagued with poverty and violence.  Additionally, the program is designed to teach practices that help them reach new personal goals. GraceWorks provides food, clothes, tools, materials, and mentors to teach 10-14 year-olds basic carpentry and landscaping skills through community projects. GraceWorks maintains a safe, educational, and spiritual space where kids can learn life lessons and job skills, discover personal talents, grow in spiritual insight, and explore nature’s beauty.  Another important component of the program is the opportunity to observe and practice peaceful conflict resolution strategies. The skills learned during the program empower the young teens and help them see the possibilities of pursuing a career or profession.

Community Service

GraceWorks is blessed to be a part of the outreach ministries of Grace Episcopal Church, Woodlawn. During the summer the teens of GraceWorks become a working part of Grace Church Food Pantry and other non –profit organizations. The active involvement of using their skills to assist others in need allows the teens to give back to the community. Their work to enhance the appearance the neighborhood and promote the well-being of the residents creates a positive example and benefits the lives of everyone they encounter.  As GraceWorks participants respond to the needs of the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable residents within the communities they develop interpersonal skills and acknowledge their own civic responsibilities. Through GraceWorks the young participants are encouraged to care about others and to accept the challenges required in making positive changes in the world around them.


GraceWorks seeks to provide basic knowledge and hands-on experiences that have potential to empower each child to believe in a more positive future beyond the present chaos in his/her life. Through guided participation in community projects such as, lawn mowing, weed eating, alley clearing, building dog houses and buildings, refurbishing furniture, laying bricks, and constructing a cement labyrinth, the children learn practical skills.  The hope is that these new interests will inspire them to seek further education and training through classes at high school and/or even college.  GraceWorks provides an opportunity for each child to develop a skill set useful for future employment.  Additionally, the participants receive training and practice in work ethics, cooperation, and teamwork as well as hands-on opportunities to discover personal interests and abilities. The kids of GraceWorks learn important lessons needed to potentially change their future economic status and break the cycle of poverty.

Spiritual Exploration

GraceWorks strives to nurture self-confidence and a personal awareness of God’s love while teaching practical and interpersonal skills. The spiritual component of GraceWorks flows through object lessons, morning Mass, centering prayer, journaling, art and masked drama into acts of service.  From offering bottled water to the homeless, repairing homes, refurbishing furniture to the building of outdoor structures, the participants practice love in action through good works and community engagement. Working to enhance economically challenged neighborhoods provides a positive experience for the teens as well as encourages neighborhood residents. As the teens respond to the needs of the elderly and the disabled citizens of the community they become a visible example of the Gospel and grow in self-confidence and spiritual awareness.  Through GraceWorks our inner city youth experience and share the Gospel of Christ’s love with everyone and create lasting witness through their completed projects.


GraceWorks provides a safe environment for inner-city children to experience adventures while exploring nature’s beauty. Fridays are structured with activities that take the teens out of their personal safety zones. With encouragement from the mentors, the teens explore the outdoors through kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. They are empowered when they overcome their fears of swinging bridges, water slides, rivers, rock climbing, hiking, and zip-lining. The various experiences encourage the participants to try new things and to challenge individual limits.  Success is measured in team effort and personal best rather than competition.   Along with the excitement of trying new things and the chance to experience the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge, there is also ample opportunity for good old-fashioned fun.  The GraceWorks kids enjoy a good game of kickball or frisbee or kicking back with friends to enjoy a cookout, hayride, swim or water slide.  The summer goes by in a rush of work and play.

For information or to volunteer
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