Mission & Values

Grace Episcopal Church is a fully inclusive, unconditionally loving parish in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. We worship God in the beauty of holiness and share the love of Christ through service in the Woodlawn community and the world.

Four values modeled by Jesus Christ summarize our mission:

Service: We believe that we receive Christ in the Eucharist (our spiritual food) so we have the strength to work together in the world to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the lonely, and heal the sick.

Diversity: We believe the Church should be a community filled with various faces, beliefs, and households.

Inclusion: We desire to have members of every gender, identity, orientation, income, and ethnicity. We believe the only way the Church can function today as the Body of Christ is with such inclusiveness.

Hospitality: Every person and family is welcome to become part of Grace and will be completely and immediately embraced with Christ’s unconditional love.

Wherever you are in life or in faith, know that you will be welcome at Grace. If you desire the experience of beautiful liturgy and music, if you long for the good company of a loving, joyful community, if you believe in the diversity of God’s people, if you have questions about faith or religion, if you wonder what it means to be “Christ-like” rather than to be merely “Christian,” if you have gifts that you want to put to use in service to the poor, if you want to ease suffering and inspire hope, and if you wish to form lasting friendships built on trust and common mission, then we invite you to visit us, worship with us, serve with us, be with us.

The Holy Spirit is moving in and through Grace Church, Woodlawn. Come and join us as we answer the call of the Spirit in worship and service. You just might feel the Holy Spirit moving in you, too.