Welcome to Worship

Please join us for our Sunday service each Sunday at 10:30am
(In-Person or via Zoom)

At Grace, you’ll find a church that practices radical hospitality, has a strong tradition of social justice, and proclaims the inclusivity of the Gospel. For more than a century, Grace has embraced and served our changing community, pouring our hearts into various missions.

Worship Style & Services

Grace Woodlawn is a Eucharist-centered, Anglo-Catholic parish. We celebrate Mass each Sunday at 10:30 am using Rite II. Although we have been flexible in worship styles through our interim process, most parishioners prefer a formal sung liturgy with smells and bells.

Through music, incense, reverent ceremonial movement, and chanted prayers, the High Church style of worship appeals to all senses in an attempt to create a numinous environment that elevates the worship experience beyond the norms of everyday life, and allows us to feel that we have experienced something of the Divine.

Derek Jackson, Director of Music

High Feast Days have historically been celebrated at Grace, including the Feast of Corpus Christi. A small choir and dedicated organ master provide music that facilitates the flow of the High Mass. To make the service welcoming to our Peruvian members, the Spanish Gospel is read after the English Gospel, and several Spanish phrases are used within the liturgy.

Pre-pandemic, a Low Mass with Eucharist was held each Tuesday morning before Food Pantry distribution for any who wished to attend. Low Mass is also offered weekly to GraceWorks summer program participants.

Christian Formation

Grace provides some Christian Formation offerings year-round and others specifically associated with the liturgical year. Some fall into the 9:15 am Formation time on Sundays, while others are offered Sunday afternoons and various weeknights. While the pandemic and the declining health of the former rector limited the formation offerings available to the parish, offerings have included:

  • Advent Reflection Day
  • Book clubs relevant to the seasons of Lent and Advent
  • Catechumenate class
  • Seeker’s lunch – a learning opportunity for those who have any type of question, theological and beyond
  • Centering Prayer
  • Evening prayer
  • Stations of the Cross during Lent